Disney's Mickey & Minnie Mouse Face Mask Pouch Keychain

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Do you leave your mask at home, or in your car, now you will ALWAYS have your mask because you now have somewhere to put it!

Or maybe you put your mask on the seat of your car, on the rear view mirror, or in your pocket. Well, you now have a safe place to keep it. These pouches provide enough room for you to store either a medical mask, or homemade mask. With it being a key chain, your pouch will always be close, and accessible.

Not to mention, they can be used to house other items such as makeup products, money, headphones, and more!

-100% Cotton
-Machine washable on delicate cycle
-Gentle cycle or lay flat to dry
-Ready to ship
-Dimensions: Approximately 3.5" x 3.5"
-Some pouches may not have brand label (may have been made before the change was made)

1. Fold face mask into thirds
2. Place mask in lower pocket as if stuffing an envelope
3. And Go

Due to sanitary reason, this item is non-refundable.